About ASIA

About ASIA

We are a nation wide union for private sector professionals, managers and senior salaried employees

ASIA membership is based on job status, not education or industry. The educational background of our members varies from school leaver to postgraduate degree level. Most members hold commercial college graduate, business IT specialist, technician and M.Sc. qualifications. Economists, engineers, BBA graduates and lawyers are organised in their own specialist unions.

Our members work in a wide range of sectors, including the technology industries, ICT, finance, real estate, transport and trade, and general industry.

As a member of ASIA you will enjoy individual service from an organisation that defends your interests and provides excellent member benefits for a fixed monthly subscription.

Our community consists of some 11 000 members

ASIA members’ average wage in 2022 was 5 221 euros per month. This statistic does not include members of ASIA’s member organizations except Yleisradion Päälliköt ja Ylemmät toimihenkilöt YPY

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ASIA's member organizations

  • FAPA ry
  • Finavian Tekniset FT
  • Finnish Air Traffic Controllers Association
  • Finnish Aviation Professionals ry (FAP)
  • Finnish Helicopter Pilots Association FHPA
  • Finnish Maritime Pilots' Association
  • JTF Pilots ry
  • Meriliikenneohjaajat ry
  • Norwegian Pilots Union Finland ry
  • Professional Coaches of Finland SAVAL ry
  • Yleisradion Päällikköyhdistys YPY ry
  • Jetflite Pilots´ Association JFPA ry


One important function of ASIA is to promote and oversee the common interests of its members at work and in society more generally. ASIA shares this collective lobbying function with the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland – Akava and with the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff – YTN, which lobbies for private sector employees belonging to Akava-affiliated unions.

Work on behalf of individual members involves providing employment advice, legal services, and various advisory materials. Members may also approach ASIA for advice on salary standards, or consult the ASIA legal department for technical assistance with aspects such as employment contracts, non-disclosure and restraint of trade agreements.

Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN)

As AKAVA's collective bargaining organisation for the private sector, YTN is responsible for activities relating to negotiations and contracts for AKAVA's field members in commercial, service and industrial sectors.

One of YTN's prime objectives is to improve the earnings level and conditions of employment of professional and managerial employees by, among other approaches, strengthening contractual activities.

YTN's main objectives

  • Strengthening contract activities in all contracting sectors
  • Identifying the personnel group of managerial and professional staff in all labor legislation
  • Ensuring equal representation of personnel representatives
  • Improving the operational framework for personnel representatives (use of time, access to information, authority to act)
  • Comprehensive coverage of the application of Finland's Working Hours Act and payments for working hours under the provisions of the Act
  • Obtaining payment for work-related leisure-time travel
  • Ensuring practical implementation of Finland's Act on Cooperation Within Undertakings
  • Promoting the use of working-hour banks
  • Enhancing official monitoring of enforcement of Finland's Working Hours Act
  • Safeguarding the earnings level of managerial and professional staff
  • Developing occupational safety and health
  • Pursuing equitable tax policy, equality in unemployment benefits and social security, and improved employment protection

Activities at the workplace

Company level employee association
Many companies have a local staff association operating at unit, enterprise or group level. The role of such an association includes defending the employment-related interests of their members. Employee associations have a registered independent legal identity, meaning that they may enter into binding local agreements and collective agreements on behalf of their members. We recommend membership of any YTN-affiliated employee association operating at your workplace.

Staff representatives
Staff representatives include the elected representatives of senior salaried employees, shop stewards and other representatives elected to positions of trust, staff liaison officers, and representatives elected under the Employment Contracts Act. The elected representatives of senior salaried employees may belong to any YTN-affiliated trade union, including ASIA, but will represent all senior salaried employees working in the represented staff group regardless of trade union membership. A staff liaison officer also serves as a link between ASIA and its members and affiliated staff associations at the workplace