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Welcome to ASIA - Professionals and Managers ASIA!

If you work as a professional or as a manager in the private sector in Finland, under Finnish labour legislation, you are welcome to join us. Please notice that economists, engineers, BBA graduates and lawyers are organised in their own specialist unions. 

Join a great group of over 10,000 professionals in different fields by filling the online form and we will soon be in touch!

As a member, you have access to the best experts, services and benefits that support your career. You will also have access to valuable services and benefits for yourself.

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Once your application is approved we will send you a confirmation email. Your membership will start from the day we receive your application. You will also be sent by post ASIA membership welcome package with member guide and your membership card.

If you have any further questions or problems, please contact our member service.

Membership subscription

The membership subscription in 2024 is 23,75 EUR/month (285 EUR/year). Membership of The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO is included. The membership fee is fully tax deductible. ASIA informs the tax authorities directly of each member's individual payments.

For new members the standard method of payment is 1 or 4 invoices per year based on your selection in the application form. Other methods of payment are listed below.


If you have chosen to pay your membership fee by yourself, an invoice will be sent to your home address (once or four times a year).


Paying an e-invoice is easy. You receive invoices in Netbank. All you have to do is check the invoice information and confirm it. Make an agreement on e-invoice in your Netbank.

From salary

In some companies it is a common practice that the membership fee is reduced directly from a member's salary. If this is the case at your workplace, fill out the mandate form and deliver it to your salary department. One copy of it must also be sent back to ASIA.

Salary mandate

Download: Salary mandate document (pdf)

Special membership subscription rates

The membership subscription may be reduced on application if the member has no earnings or equivalent compensation, for example due to unemployment, family leave, job alternation leave, studies or long-term sick leave. The discount from the monthly fee is 12 €. Membership subscription reductions may be granted for periods of not less than three full calendar months. E-mail for a discretionary subscription rate application form.

Retired members

Members who have permanently ceased working, for example due to retirement on unemployment or old-age pension, may remain in the union as retired members of ASIA.

A retired member retains nearly the same benefits as a regular member. Retired members are no longer enrolled in the unemployment fund, legal advice on employment and liability and legal aid insurance. The If Leisure time accident and travel insurance included in membership remains in force until the end of the year when the member reaches the age of 68 years (coverage for members living permanently in Finland for more than 6 months of the calendar year).

The annual membership fee for a retired member in 2024 is EUR 72, invoiced in a single instalment.

Applying for retired membership

An application for retired membership may be submitted as an informal written request by e-mailing The application must specify resignation from the unemployment fund KOKO as of the date on which retired membership takes effect.

Example of application:

“I would like to apply for retired membership of ASIA as of I also resign from membership of the unemployment fund KOKO as of the same date.” Signed with name and address.

Membership in abeyance

A member who is temporarily living abroad and no longer covered by the social insurance system of Finland may continue with ASIA membership in abeyance for a membership fee of 2 € per month. Members in abeyance may approach ASIA for advice and guidance, and receive the ASIA magazine at a designated home address abroad. Membership in abeyance does not include membership of the unemployment fund. A member in abeyance also receives a membership card that is valid for discounts negotiated by ASIA. All other membership benefits are suspended while membership remains in abeyance. Please note that travel and leisure time accident, legal aid and liability insurance coverage is suspended while membership remains in abeyance.

Please contact the ASIA office if you would like to place your membership in abeyance.

Membership card

Your current ASIA membership card is valid until April 2025. Keep it with you at all times, as you can display it to claim various member benefits and it also serves as an insurance card on holiday trips. The card also specifies the membership number that you need when logging into ASIA member services online.

You can also download the mobile membership card to your phone at

How to take Member+ application in use

  • Open the application in your phone (Notice, only working in mobile deivices). The application works best with Google Chrome Web Browse.
  • Click on the menu icon on the upper corner of the page (or add member+ on the home screen from the foot page).
  • Click on ”lisää aloitusnäytölle” (add on the home screen) from the menu.
  • Close the browser and open the application by clicking the Member+ icon on the home screen of your mobile.
  • Click on mobiilijäsenkortti (mobile membership card), choose your union (ASIA) and log in by using your ASIA member ID (your email address and password that you use for logging in ASIA member portal).
  • You can find more detailed instructions on Member+ page (in Finnish). If you need support or have technical issues with downloading the application, please contact Member+ IT support: info(at) memor by phone +358 40 153 4734.

Member+ is a member benefit service providing discounts on various services. In addition to the discounts and benefits concerning products and services, Member+ also intermediates vacation cabins owned by A-lomat.

Membership fee discount in different life situations

You can apply for a discount when you can prove that the period that entitles you to a discount has begun. The discount criterion must be met for at least three consecutive months, which is also the minimum duration of the discount.

Grounds for discount are e.g. following: unemployment, unpaid family leave, job alternation leave and leave of absence (unpaid), full-time study and long-term illness. You can also apply for a discount for another similar reason and provide a suitable attachment.

This is how it works:

Complete the membership fee discount application form.

Download: Membership Fee Discount Application (pdf)

The active PDF form can be filled in and saved electronically. Please include documents that verify the reasons for your application, such as a statement for family leave or full-time studies. Submit the application and attachments by mail to Asiantuntijat ja Esihenkilöt ASIA ry, Rautatieläisenkatu 6, 00520 Helsinki or by email to

Please note the following: member is not eligble for discounted membership fee, if the member

  • is working part time
  • is entitled to adjusted daily allowance
  • is seceded from ASIA
  • is paid compensation by the employer in the end of employment relationship. The compensation will be periodised as of the end of the employment relationship. The member is not eligble for discounted membership fee during the compensation period.

Read more about the KOKO fund and the compensations.

Membership register

Be sure to notify us at once of any changes in your workplace or contact details. You can notify changes through our website, by e-mail or tel. +358 9 2510 1310.

The details recorded in the membership register include:

  • surname and first name(s)
  • identity number
  • home address
  • telephone number
  • e-mail address
  • job title and status
  • education
  • employer, business sector and address of establishment
  • method of payment
  • account number for membership fees paid by e-invoicing