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As a member, you can take advantage of Danske Bank's diverse membership benefits for a mortgage, investment, and basic banking services. If you are newly graduated, please also check out the comprehensive benefits package for recent graduates.

Take advantage of your appreciable housing loan benefits

Union members can get a Danske Bank housing loan without delivery or handling fees. For example, you can save EUR 1,200 on a loan of EUR 200,000. On top of this, you get a lower margin on your loan and instalment-free periods without fees.

For example, if the customer takes out a loan of EUR 170,000, the loan term would be 20 years and the 12-month euribor would be used as the reference rate, which means the total interest on the loan would be 0.75% (the annual percentage rate as calculated under the Consumer Protection Act is 0.841%). The total credit and other credit costs are EUR 184,851.86, including the handling fee of EUR 875 and an automatic account debit charge of EUR2.70/instalment, total number of instalments 240. (Information as per the situation on 22 April 2021)

Benefits for members

  • Lower margin
  • No handing fee or arrangement fee: Save at least EUR 300.
  • Loan installment-free period without a fee
  • Staggered payment program
  • Less expensive daily services: Up to 50% cheaper daily banking services

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Investment benefits

As a member, you invest easily and cheaply. Everyone can invest easily in a way that suits their life situation. As a member of the union, no matter where you bank, you get access to Danske Bank’s investment benefits – whether you are an independent investor or you are looking for an easy ready-made investment solution or personal advice.

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