Professionals and Managers ASIA ry does not participate in political demonstrations

22.01.2024 | News, SAVALnews


Professionals and Managers ASIA ry has decided not to participate in the political demonstration organized by its central organization Akava on 6 February to oppose the government’s labour market changes based on the results of our member survey. 

The political demonstration on 6 February is based on the legal decision of each union participating in the demonstration. To our knowledge the decisions apply only to members of those unions. Therefore, we do not recommend ASIA members to participate in the political demonstration because of employees' legal protection cannot be guaranteed.

ASIA does not participate either in other strikes or political demonstrations organized by other central organizations. Also Akava and Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN do not participate in strikes organized by other central organizations. 

While other unions are on strike, we would like to remind our members to continue to do their own work and not do the work of those on strike.

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